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My name is Reza Fakhari. I'm working as ophthalmologist
in consulting room RezaMed near Loretańska Street in Częstochowa.
I'm also doctor in Ophthalmologist Clinic in Warsaw under leadership of dr Iwona Liberek.
Please take a look around my website.

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OCT diagnostics using innovative SOCT COPERNICUS CT PLUS:
OCT is a very modern, non-invasive and non-contact imaging technique eye tissue sections such as: retina, optic disc or cornea. CT scanner is now the latest addition to identifying the most serious ophthalmic diseases. The test is performed through it will allow early diagnosis of diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic changes in the retina, macular edema, ocular tumors, diseases of the optic nerve II.

These conditions may inevitably lead to loss of vision, hence the importance of early and accurate diagnosis. The use of the CT scanner allows for a very detailed diagnosis of even very small lesions and a quick decision whether to treat (eg yellow spot disease OCT allows intraocularly immediate administration of the drug to prevent blindness).

Treatments using an innovative laser Iridex IQ OcuLight MicroPulse 577nm technology:

OcuLight Iridex Laser is used in the treatment of such Diabetic eye disease (prevents blindness), and stratification in retinal detachment in retinal vein thrombi. Additionally, due to the use MicroPulse technology is used in the process of treatment of certain forms of glaucoma, cataract secondary fovea variety of diseases depending on the severity of macular edema such as serous inflammation fovea

With the latest generation of devices purchased significant study REZAMED significantly increased the effectiveness of the current of therapy:

- glaucoma
- cataract
- Diseases of the retina
- Diabetic retinopathy